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Did You Know…

That as of October of 2013, the United States:

  • Is nearing $17 Trillion Dollars in Total National Debts It Can Never Repay.
  • Has over $222 Trillion dollars in Unfunded Liabilities.
  • Is running Yearly Trillion Dollar Budget Deficits.
  • Has over $40 Billion in Monthly Trade Deficits.
  • Has a Generation of College Students who have Incurred over a Trillion Dollars in Student Loan Debt.
  • Has a Slowing Economy Largely Producing Low-Skilled, Low-Paying Service Sector Jobs,


Has a Federal Reserve Bank that is Prepared to do Whatever It Takes, To Keep This Economy Afloat as Long as Possible – Even if it means Inflating our Currency to smithereens!

In Fact…

In the time it takes you to read this entire page (roughly ten minutes), Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Federal ben bernankeReserve Bank will have created $19,675,926 dollars fresh of the Printing Presses.

… Well, more like with the press of a button!

That’s right – $20 Million in just 10-Minutes!

How insane is that?

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have committed to print $85 Billion Dollars every single month in a last ditch effort to get the “economic wheels” turning again!

Ben Bernanke has run out of ideas and the ONLY thing he can think of is to print as much money as possible and pray that the currency doesn’t collapse before he leaves the Federal Reserve at the end of 2013.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention.

Good’ol Ben has decided  he’s had enough and is jumping ship as fast as he can before the whole economy comes crashing down on his watch!

There’s no telling when the currency will collapse. It could be in the next 5 year or it could even be in the next 10 years, but one thing is certain – the Collapse is Coming and Ben Bernanke knows it!


So WHY Should You Care?

Because, in the mean time, you’re hard earned money is being STOLEN from you – that’s why!

shredded-dollarWhether you realize it or not, every single dollar that the Federal Reserve inks off of their printing presses adds to the overall destruction in the purchasing power of the money that you have already earned.

This is called INFLATION and it is a very bad thing for people who care about preserving the value that each of their dollars will buy.

It’s what I like to call a Ghost Tax because although you don’t necessarily see it, you most definitely feel it as the prices for things like food, energy, transportation and everything else in between rise in price 

Inflation destroys wealth, purchasing power and any hope of financial security in the future!

This means that if you want to maintain your standard of living in the future, you’re going to have to WORK HARDER to be able to do so. Forget about surpassing your current way of life!

Inflation leaves you only 2 options:

  1. Lower your Standard of Living; or
  2. Prepare to Work the Rest of Your Life.

Actually, there is a third option, but I’ll tell you right now. This option is not for the whinny, faint of heart or those that see themselves as victims.

I’ll tell you more about it shorty.

This Wasn’t Always The Case…

There used to be a time when people who went to work for a living were more confident that the value of their dollars

goldsilvereaglewould remain much more stable and preserve their purchasing power over time.

This is what allowed families to work, build wealth and retire comfortably to enjoy  life. Oh and by the way, during these times most households required only one income to do it.

That’s definitely not the case today.

In fact, there use to be a time when people, just like you and me, could take our dollars to any bank and redeem them for physical gold.

During these times the Dollar was tied directly to what has been, throughout human history, regarded as the only real moneyprecious metals or Gold and Silver!

But that was literally decades ago!

Today, our dollar is no longer tied to Gold or Silver, which means that the Federal Reserve can order the printing of as many dollars as it wishes because as long as someone believes that dollars are worth something, they will remain the major Reserve Currency of the World.

Today the dollar has lost of 98% of it’s initial value and it is at a critical point. At the same time, since the

declining dollarFinancial Crisis of 2008, Silver has gained 85% in value and has gone as high as 269%. Some economists believe that Silver is actually under valued and predict that Silver will go way, way higher, making today’s prices look like bargains!

At the rate at which the Federal Reserve is ordering the printing of dollars today, and considering the even faster rate at which it will have to print in the not so distant future, the dollar will lose even more of its value making life for you and your family way more expensive than it is today.

Choose To Preserve Your Wealth and Make Money Now

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But It Gets Worse…

You see, our biggest Creditors, China and Japan, whom we owe over $2.5 Trillion Dollars combined have caught on to the fact that the United States has gone “borrowing crazy” and may soon default on all of its debt obligations.

moneyYou see, the United States holds the major Reserve Currency of the World. In other words, when other countries transact goods and services, they do so using dollars because dollars used to be “as good as gold” (Remember, Dollars used to be tied directly to Gold). In fact, this is the only reason we can print as much money as we do.

But, what you don’t know is that something more insidious is at work!

You see, the Chinese are happy to loan the U.S Government Money because as soon as they do the Federal Reserve buys the I.O.U and gives them cash!

And, you will never guess what the Chinese are doing with that Cash!

They are turning around and converting that cash into Gold!

That’s right. They are giving us Debt, and we are basically giving them our wealth.

In fact, today, the Chinese are #1 in Gold Production, #1 as Gold Importers and #2 in individual Gold Consumption.

Our, now gone, Dollar ties to Gold were the only reason that the U.S claimed Reserve Currency of the world. Now that we have broken those ties it is blatantly evident that China wants to take over and claim the title.

But Not Everyone Will Be Driven Over The Cliff…

(Option 3) People just like you have started to awaken to the New Reality of the world that we live in and have decided that they are going to take back not just their Financial Future, but their Financial Present as well!


There used to be a time, when the common advice was that you should “Go to School, Get good grade and find a Safe Secure Job“. You were supposed to “Work 40-hours a week, for 40-years and then when it was all over you’d get the $40 Timex.

Well, I’ve got news for you!

There’s a new paradigm out there!

The new paradigm is:

  1. People Working Smarter Not Harder.
  2. Earning Multiple Streams of Passive Income Per Week, Not One Paycheck Every Other Week.
  3. Leveraging the Efforts of Others for Mutual Financial Gain.
  4. Working from Anywhere in World You Want, Not From Your Office Cubicle. And,
  5. Spending Your Time with the People You Love the Most, Doing the Things You Love the Most.

The new paradigm is the Internet Entrepreneur!

Internet Entrepreneurs are the New Class of Citizen for the 21st Century and the only ones who will rise above the storm when everyone else is caught in it.

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